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    We Wheel Fix It Alloy Wheel Repairs


    Kerb Damage | Corrosion | Colour Change | Diamond Cut Effect


    Full Mobile Service – We come to you.

    Telephone: 07507816645

    Alloy Wheels Repaired From £35.00 per wheel. *T&C’s apply.


    We Wheel Fix It offer a professional Mobile Alloy wheel Refurbishment and Windscreen Chip Repair service covering Portsmouth and Southampton.

    From only £35.00 per Wheel. T&C’s apply.
    • Kerb Damage
    • Corrosion
    Give your alloys a fresh new look
    • Colour Change
    • Diamond Cut Effect
    Chip Repairs from only £20.00
    • Star Break Chips
    • Bulls-eye Chips


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    All wheels requiring any form of structural repair are deemed to have no inherent value, We Will Fix It (WWFI) will be adding value by the repair and refurbishment processes.

    WWFI endeavours to repair / refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability, we can not be held responsible for unforeseen problems such as poor casting, hidden problems generally.
    These problems may only become evident when the existing wheel finish is stripped back to the base metal, if we believe that the wheel can not achieve a finish as expected then we will contact the customer and discuss any options and possibly other work we may have to undertake to remedy the problem.

    WWFI “Standard” finish is based on viewing the completed wheel with the naked eye whilst standing upright from a distance of not less than 4 feet away from the wheel, as viewed normally on a car.

    Should the customer require a finish “as new” or ‘show finish’, then this must be accounted for based on a timed charge within the pricing structure as (COR) cost of repair, declared at quotation time.

    Customers should be aware that certain high gloss finishes show blemishes more readily, such as black, chrome or bright silver We can not guarantee to make your wheels perfect but we will ensure that there is a significant improvement. Should a customer request an ‘as new’ finish or ‘show wheels’, this will be calculated on an hourly basis plus the cost of materials.


    Customers must check that the car has the locking wheel nuts available and ready to use as looking for it may incur additional charges.

    WWFI take no responsibility for broken or damaged locking wheel nuts which may have been tightened too much before hand.

    When wheels are replaced onto the vehicle the wheels need to be torqued up and rechecked after 50 miles. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all wheel fitments are safety checked.

    WWFI shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to goods or articles left in vehicles, or damage or mechanical fault of any vehicle (other than obvious damage which was not recorded when the vehicle was checked in) such as flat battery, clutch slipping, etc., caused to your vehicle whilst in the care of WWFI except for damage caused by our negligence. WWFI will not accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your vehicle and in particular WWFI will not accept liability for any technical or structural damage to the wheels where such damage occurs due to pre-existing faults and/or wear and tear unless WWFI has been negligent in not realising that such damage may occur or in the way the work was carried out.

    WWFI require that if an unsatisfactory finish occurs then we must be allowed to re-coat the wheel at our expense. If due to the wheel design, base metals or unforeseen problems we can not subsequently redress the initial quality of the finish then the customer must accept that this is the best that we can do, no refund shall be provided in part or whole.

    Any complaints must be sent in writing (includes email) within 48 hours after you have collected your vehicle, to the Customer Services Department.


    No warranty is given on diamond cut effect alloys.

    12 months warranty is given on standard wheels. As long as the fault is not with the customer from kerb damage, stone Chips or tyre replacement.

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